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Employment Opportunities, USA Career News Service, 1998
Littleton, Colo.: Washington Research Associates, 1998.
ISBN: 0–937801–12–7.
US$184 a year, with an overseas surcharge of US$7. Former title was U.S. Employment Opportunities.

This is, in part, another attempt to bring to print an awareness of employment resources accessible through the Internet. According to the press release accompanying the review copy, this work’s intended audience consists of American public and college libraries, college placement offices, and high school libraries and guidance counselors — and, by implication, their foreign equivalents.

The work limits its coverage to fourteen employment areas such as telecommunications, computers, finance, health care, insurance, advertising, law and law enforcement, art, and music. The coverage of each area has two parts.

Should one subscribe? One would have to make decisions on these four points:

This is a useful source for those with ample funds, but a debatable purchase for those who are financially strapped or have access to the Internet.

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Bill Crowley is an Associate Professor, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University.
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