<h2>Is There a Place for the Librarian in the Library of the 21<sup>st</sup> Century?<br />Agnieska Kanczak and Karina Szołtysik</h2>

  • Agniesza Kanczak
  • Karina Szołtysik


<blockquote><em>&#147;A library is a trinity made up of books, readers, and staff &#151; particularly the reference staff. We have a library only at the moments of all the three factors standing integrated. The reference staff are the power mediating between reader and book and stimulating integration.&#148;<br>&#151; S.R. Ranganathanem>blockquote>

Author Biography

Agniesza Kanczak
Librarian and archivist in the Poznan School of Banking Faculty in Chorzow, Poland