Exploitation of Current Developments in ICT to Enhance Implementation of “Kilimo Kwanza” in Tanzania

  • Yuda Julius Chatama Mzumbe University


This paper describes how current developments in information and communication technologies (ICTs) can be exploited to enhance a smooth implementation of Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture First) in Tanzania. It defines Kilimo Kwanza and provides a brief overview of the historical development of ICT in Tanzania. The use of ICT can enhance implementation of Kilimo Kwanza through improved quality of research and training to stakeholders, reduced administrative costs and enhanced effectiveness and efficiency in information access, retrieval, processing, storing and dissemination. The paper highlights constraints limiting effective use of ICT in Tanzania and makes recommendations if the benefits of ICT in implementation of Kilimo Kwanza are to be realized.

Author Biography

Yuda Julius Chatama, Mzumbe University
Yuda Julius Chatama is Assistant Librarian at the Dar es Salaam Business School at Mzumbe University.