Funding for University Libraries in the Third World

  • B. U. Nwafor University of Jos


Documents the downward economic spin experienced by most developing countries over the past ten years, emphasizing the problems for library funding in Africa. University libraries have all had severe budget cuts, in some cases to the point of cancelling all periodical subscriptions. The economic emergency, attributed to massive foreign debts and repayment schedules, has begun to threaten the very existence of libraries in some countries. The author proposes three measures: library resource sharing, improved approaches to funding requests from local authorities, and more effective pursuit of external assistance.

Author Biography

B. U. Nwafor, University of Jos
University Librarian, University of Jos, Nigeria. He chairsthe IFLA Section on Regional Activities (Africa), is Secretary of the Division of Regional Activities; he is also a Corresponding Member of the IFLA Section of University Libraries and Other General Research Libraries. His publications have appeared in Biblos, College and Research Libraries, IFLA Journal, Library Journal, Nigerian Libraries and various other journals.