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 The Center for Economic Research on Africa

The Center for Economic Research on Africa has released a list of its publications, many of which should be of interest to readers of this journal. There are four conference reports, one of which seems to bear most directly on library development: "Managing Africa’s Economic Recovery" (1987). It is priced at $7.00, plus $5.00 international postage or $1.50 for U.S. postage. Twelve monographs are also available; one of them deals with a problem of current interest to librarians: quot;An Integrated Evaluation of Agricultural Research in Tropical Africa: The Case of the Nigerian Food Crops Research System " ( 1989). The cost is $3.00, plus $1.20 for international postage or $.50 for U.S. postage. Checks should be made out to the Department of Economics. The Center for Economic Research on Africa is in Montclair State College, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, U.S.A., 07043.

 African Heritage Research Library

Why should Africans tolerate the need to look outside their continent for an information base about their national activities? Bayo Adebowale, Nigerian author and Principal Lecturer at the College of Education, Ila–Orangun, found this situation unacceptable. He has established the African Heritage Research Library to document the African experience, and opened it without restrictions or cost to students and researchers. AHRL is described as the first rural community–based research library for African studies on the entire continent. It is in Orangun, Oyo State, Nigeria (address is POB 121) — a rural location deliberately selected to avoid the irrelevancies that attach to research on "ivory tower campuses." The library is self–funding and not for profit. It needs donations of books, journal subscriptions, and non–print materials related to Africa or to Black people. Mr. Adebowale will welcome correspondence from individuals or organizations in a position to offer assistance to this impressive effort.

 Scandinavian Institute of African Studies

About 250 research monographs are distributed by the Scandinavian Institute of African Studies, Box 1703,75147 Uppsala, Sweden. Many titles relate to education in the individual countries, and to human resource development. A list of publications is available gratis on request.

 Department of African Studies

Another center of African research is in the Department of African Studies, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007, India. Documentation Officer R. P. Sood has compiled a number of valuable guides and indexes to the literature. (One is reviewed by Hans Panofsky in this issue of TWL.) Those who write to Mr. K. K. Virmani, Head of the Department, will receive lists of available material.

 Database of African Librarians and Information Specialists

Rosary College School of Library and Information Science is assisting in the preparation and dissemination of a database of African librarians and information specialists. This is an IFLA project, approved as part of the ALP (Advancement of Librarianship in the Third World) program. B. U. Nwafor, University Librarian, University of Jos, Nigeria, is the initiator of the project, which is intended to provide a directory that would be useful to institutions in Africa as they seek expert advice on library matters. While the database will be maintained as a computer file, printouts will be made available periodically.

Names for the database will be gathered from printed and online sources at Rosary College, and from personal submissions. Readers of this journal who are current or former practitioners of librarianship in Africa, and who are interested in offering consultant assistance to their colleagues on request, are invited to write to the TWL Editor for details.

 Library/ Book Fellows Program

The American Library Association is continuing its valuable "Library/ Book Fellows Program" and is seeking to fill positions for 1991/ 1992. The Program was initiated in 1986 with funding by the United States Information Agency. It makes possible the assignment of American librarians to libraries in other countries where particular expertise is needed; the period of service is variable, from several months to one year. Librarians (U .S. citizens) who are interested in an overseas assignment (stipend is $28,000/ year plus travel) are invited to write to the Program Director, Robert P. Doyle, American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, Illinois 60611. 15 April 91 is the deadline for applications. Librarians in developing countries who may wish to have an ALA Fellow join them in 1992/1993 are invited to request information from Mr. Doyle about submitting a proposal (1 Nov 91 is the proposal deadline). In a forthcoming issue of TWL, Mr. Doyle will write about the Program’s first five years.

 Fourth Asian–Pacific Special and Law Librarians Conference

"Achieving Excellence" is the theme of the Fourth Asian–Pacific Special and Law Librarians Conference, with the Ninth Biennial Health Librarians Conference, to be held in Canberra on 15 September 1991. Conference Organizer is Ms. Gail Hawke; she invites inquiries from librarians who may be interested in participating. Her address is POB E345, Queen Victoria Terrace, ACT 2600, Canberra, Australia.

 National Institute of Development Research and Documentation, University of Botswana

An important new series of reference publications is being issued by the National Institute of Development Research and Documentation, University of Botswana. Entitled Devindex Botswana, it is an index to the literature on economic and social development in Botswana. Four issues have appeared, dated 1990, under the editorship of Stella B. Monageng and Kgomotso H. Moahi. Each issue presents from 150–300 annotated entries, primarily covering Botswanian documents and grey literature. Subject indexing is provided; it reveals that writings directly about libraries are almost non–existent, although some library concerns are reflected by several subject citations to "literacy," plus "information services" and other "information" headings. All the materials cited in Devindex are available on request from the National Institute. Inquiries about receiving Devindex may be addressed to The Library, National Institute of Development Research and Documentation, Private Bag 0022, Gaborone, Bota.

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