A Basic Package of Information Sources for Dealing With Transnational Corporations

  • Guy A. Marco Rosary College


Presents a brief summary of the new United Nations publication, Transnational Business Information: A Manual of Needs and Sources, as a convenience to Third World librarians who do not have the manual or who may wish to have a quick approach to the topic and sources. Substantial investments in developing countries have been made by many transnational corporations (TNCs). Corporations that consider such investments in a given country are interested in a number of economic and social factors; it is useful for officials in each country to be aware of those factors and to consider means of improving their situation. Specific reference sources are identified for this purpose. National laws and regulations are also important to the TNCs, and officials may want to examine extant treaties and other legalities–titles for this purpose are suggested as well. Government wishing to approach a TNC for possible negotiation will have use for certain sources that give factual summaries on each firm. Other information on TNCs is available from the United Nations Centre for Transnational Corporations.