Birth Centenary Literature on Ranganathan: A Review

  • M. P. Satija Guru Nanak Deve University


Discusses the books and articles written in observation of the centenary of S. R. Ranganathan’s birth. There were nine books published for the occasion, and six special issues of journals. In addition there were articles about Ranganathan in at least 10 other periodicals. Of all his writings and ideas, it seems that he lives on primarily through his classification studies and his scientific method. His efforts in cataloging, reference, and selection were not prominent in the centenary literature.

Author Biography

M. P. Satija, Guru Nanak Deve University
M. P. Satija has been a Lecturer since 1984 in the Department of Library and Information Science, Guru Nanak Deve University, Amritsar, India. For 12 years before going into teaching, he was a librarian in various professional capacities. He is a prolific author, with 14 books; plus 50 articles and 60 book reviews in European, Indian, and American journals. Dr. Satija has presented papers at 15 international conferences. His fields of interest include cataloging and classification, bibliography, and management.
Literature Review