A Model Library In Tehran, Iran: The Hosseinieh Ershad Public Library

  • Nicoletta Mattioli Hary University of Dayton (Ohio) Libraries


This paper describes the public library established shortly after the Islamic Revolution, an independent institution connected to the Hosseinieh Ershad mosque. It is open to all, and well used by students, children, and workers; circulation is about 9,000 per month. Religious materials predominate in the collection, which consists of some 60,000 volumes and 350 periodical subscriptions, but there are also general materials in many languages. There is a special collection for the blind, and a busy children’s section with more than 10,000 volumes. Ten librarians are on the staff, along with technicians and maintenance personnel. An excellent relationship between the governing board and the library staff has helped to make this one of the outstanding libraries in the country.

Author Biography

Nicoletta Mattioli Hary, University of Dayton (Ohio) Libraries
Nicoletta Mattioli Hary is Associate Director for Technical Services and Coordinator of Book Acquisitions, University of Dayton (Ohio) Libraries. She has a Certificate in Classical Studies, Liceo Classico di Stato, Civitavecchia, Italy; a Diploma in Library Science, Vatican Library School; a doctorate in German Language and Literature, Istituto Universitario Orientate, Naples; and a Ph.D. in Library and Information Science, Indiana University. Her earlier experience included the University of Notre Dame Libraries and U.S. Information Service Library, Rome. Dr. Hary is a Lecturer in the library school at Indiana University. She has published widely in professional journals.