Retrenched Journals: Further On The World Bank Loan In Nigeria

  • R. Olorunsola University of Ilorin Library


This paper reviews the difficulties encountered by Nigerian librarians as a result of inflation and the general poor state of the economy in the 1980s, noting that many libraries had to suspend periodical subscriptions. With the World Bank loan of 1990–1993 funds became available for renewing subscriptions, but technicalities and bureaucracy had to be overcome. At the University of Ilorin, systematic efforts were successful, so that at the end of the process there were more subscriptions than there had been before the loan.

Author Biography

R. Olorunsola, University of Ilorin Library
R. Olorunsola is Senior Librarian, University of Ilorin Library, Nigeria. He had been Acquisitions Librarian and Serials Librarian at Ilorin. His publications have appeared in Library Scientist, Library Review, and Acquisitions Librarian.