National Library and Information Policies for Africa

  • Anaba A. Alemna University of Ghana


African governments have been slow to act in creating library and information policies (as per the UNESCO NATIS pattern). A number of proposed plans are examined, and common elements are described. The prognosis for NATIS plans in Africa is not favorable, however, and in fact most of the thinking about such plans appears to be limited to librarians. Obstacles to national planning include lack of awareness by government officials of the utility of information, the poor image of the library profession, and the low quality of national library collections. Some proposals are offered to ameliorate the situation, one of which is that librarians themselves–as promoters of information–have to show themselves as well informed and capable of useful research into information problems.

Author Biography

Anaba A. Alemna, University of Ghana
Anaba A. Alemna is Associate Professor, Department of Library and Archival Studies, University of Ghana. He has an M.A.L.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. His publications include three books and about 50 articles. Dr. Alemna’s professional interests include management, information technology, and library education.