Emerging Information Society in Pakistan and the Role of Libraries

  • Khalid Mahmood
  • Farzana Shafique


Pakistan is a developing country with many social and economic problems, but indicators show that an information society is emerging in this country at a very fast pace. These indicators include fast-growing telecommunication facilities, free flow of information through electronic media and the use of computers and the Internet in public life. This paper argues that libraries can play a vital role in an information society. The situation of libraries in Pakistan, particularly public and school libraries, is very poor. Most federal policies do not provide for the establishment of effective libraries. Some policies do recommend a library system but there is no effort to implement these at the governmental level. This paper urges decision makers to include libraries in their planning for the country.

Author Biography

Khalid Mahmood
Dr. Khalid Mahmood is Professor & Chairman of the Department of Library & Information Science at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan.