Library Networking in India for Resources Sharing: Present Status and Prospects


  • Debal C. Kar
  • Parha Bhattacharya
  • Subrata Deb


Indian information professionals, education specialists and scientists have realized that the time has come to share the information resources and to coordinate mechanisms. This has resulted in discernible change in the information scenario in India. A large number of library resource sharing networks like the Metropolitan Area Networks such as CALIBNET in Calcutta, DELNET in Delhi, BONET in Bombay, PUNENET in Pune, MALIBNET in Madras, HYLIBNET in Hyderabad, ADNET in Ahmedabad, and countrywide ones like ERNET (Educational and Research Institutions), INFLIBNET (Universities and Research Institutions) and DESINET (Defence Laboratories), and sectoral ones like BTISNET (Biotechnology Networks) etc. are under various stages of conceptualization, design, development and implementation. The present study briefly highlights some of the major library networks in India. The objectives, services, functions, future prospects and stages of completeness of these library resource sharing networks are also discussed. The article draws its conclusion by briefly mentioning the obstacles to the development of these networks.

Author Biography

Debal C. Kar

Acting Archivist and Special Collections Librarian