Creating a Library Plan for the Sámi in Sweden

  • Peter Sarri Sámi Parliament


The work of researching and implementing a library plan for the Sámi in Sweden is now complete. The whole process began as early as August 1994, when the Swedish Sámi Parliament's Executive Council determined that the office of the Sámi Library Consultant was to be moved from the Central Lending Library for Upper Norrland Province [län] at the City Library of Umeå to the Sámi Parliament. Then, in February of 1995, a full plenary meeting of the Sámi Parliament determined that the office of Sámi Consultant was to be located in Jokkmokk, and that the Executive Council "should investigate the feasibility of establishing a Sámi central library regarding financing, areas of responsibility, location, etc."

Author Biography

Peter Sarri, Sámi Parliament
Peter Sarri is Library Consultant to the Sámi Parliament, attached to the Ájtte Swedish Sámi and Mountain Museum in Jokkmokk in Sweden.