The Management of Patent Information in Kenya


  • Joshua Nyakundi
  • Nathan Mnjama


This article looks at the management of patent information at the Kenya Industrial Property Office (KIPO) registry. Questionnaires, interviews and personal observations were the main tools used to gather data for this study. The major findings are that patent records at KIPO are not well-managed and organized, and access to patent information is problematic. The identified creators of patent information were industrialists, small and medium enterprises, scientists, researchers and herbalists. The article discovered that the major users of patent information are patent examiners. Potential users of patent information were identified to include industrial enterprises, private inventors, research and development institutions, universities and government authorities. The study recommends that KIPO carry out a vigorous marketing strategy for promoting patent information. It also recommends the establishment of a selection committee to coordinate the selection process of library materials. Reformatting activities such as photocopying, microfilming and digitization are also recommended as possible ways of preserving patent records. Finally, training of records staff on good management practices and information communication technology skills is encouraged through in-house and external training.

Author Biography

Joshua Nyakundi

Librarian 1 at the Kenya Industrial Property Institute