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Here is another call for contributions to the Nigeria issue of TWL, which may well appear next year. Nigerians or others with articles about the country are invited to send their papers to Prof. John Agada, School of Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA.

Two free publications that Third World librarians will find interesting: IMPA Pakistan News (POB 2337, Islamabad, Pakistan), which offers regional perspectives on training courses, conference, and other events of concern to librarians; and Bellagio Publishing Network Newsletter (School of Education, Boston College, Boston, MA 02167, USA), which gives reports on worldwide activities related to Third World book and periodical publication.

This is my last issue as editor of TWL: I am leaving Rosary College after six years of rewarding association. In the first issue of the journal, I wrote a self searching editorial that asked “What is it about?” It turned out to be less and more than we expected. It has not really become a forum designed “to illuminate the role of libraries and information in national development”—that goal fell by the wayside, displaying only occasional resurgence. What TWL has become is an arena for the expression of ideas and reports of study by librarians of the disadvantaged regions. While we have had contributions by Americans and Europeans, many of our essays have been by professionals writing about the conditions they live in every day. And we have been fortunate in having useful material from Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans who are outside the main jet stream of library leaders—from persons who do not appear regularly on IFLA programs. I hope they have benefitted in their local situations from having been published here, as we have benefitted from their special insights.

I am grateful for the steady support given over the years by Dean Michael Koenig, Assistant Dean MaryFrances Watson, and Associate Editor William V. Jackson. My current Assistant to the Editor, Janice Deal, has been a delightful and productive partner; and the others, who have held her post (Felicia Reilly, Paula Dempsey, Betty Ann Voute, Elizabeth Van de Ven Knuths, Penelope Papangelis, Sue Klinker, and Bruce Whitenack) also deserve great commendation. Sister Jerome Heyman was an invaluable Research Assistant, Cynthia Maroon, Circulation Manager, has brought order into our accounting and creativity into our quest for solvency. Members of the Advisory Board have been an indispensable resource. The new Editor—as yet unnamed—will find, as I have, that the work is daunting, endless, and as rewarding a task as librarianship has to offer.

G. A. M.

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Marco, Guy A., “Further Reading” Third World Libraries, Volume 6, Number 2 (Spring 1996).

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