The Current Status of the Library and Information Service of the Legislative Yuan, Taiwan

  • Karl Min Ku


The Library and Information Service (LIS) is a reference source for the Legislative Yuan in Taiwan. Reorganization has divided the LIS into smaller units, while increasing its functions. One major function, begun in 1986, was the formation of LEGISIS, a network designed to offer the Legislative Yuan multimedia information. LEGISIS includes an electronic bulletin board, and an online service.

The LIS maintains a collection of items, predominantly books, but also government documents, periodicals, newspapers, microforms, and CD–ROMs. It also provides a newspaper clipping service, maintains interlibrary cooperation with other institutions, publishes bibliographies, and has been active in IFLA, ASISD, and APLAP. Its computer equipment began its upgrading in 1984 and since 1994, access to the Internet has been available.