Vol 16, No 1 & 2 (2006)

Special issue:

  Biblioteki XXI wieku. Czy przetrwamy? II Konferencja Biblioteki Politechniki ?ód?kiej

  Libraries of the XXIst century. Will we survive? Second Conference, Library of the Technical University of Lodz

  19–21 June 2006

Table of Contents

Editorial HTML
Marjorie E. Bloss


Second Library Conference Organized at the Library of the Technical University of ??: Some Perspectives in Poland HTML
B?a?ej Feret, El?bieta Ro?niakowska
Empowerment and Partnership Is it Possible in the Academic Library? HTML
Bo?ena Jaskowska
Is There a Place for the Librarian in the Library of the 21st Century?
Agnieska Kanczak and Karina Szo?tysik
Agniesza Kanczak, Karina Szo?tysik
A Vision of the Virtual Library in the Strategy of the Technical Universitys Library HTML
Ewa Ko?odzi?ska, Halina Gani?ska
The Internet A Threat or a Supplement to the Traditional Library? HTML
Zenona Krupa
The Library of the Future, but what Future? Economic and Demographic Conditioning HTML ()
Ewa Parzonka, El?bieta Pie?kowska
Scientific Journals and Databases as a Source of Documentation and Transfer of Science: An Analysis of Citations of Polish Occupational Medicine Journals HTML
Jolanta Przy?uska
Where is Science Information Heading? The Present State and the Development of Science Information in Technical University Libraries HTML
EBIB The Electronic Library, the electronic platform of the Polish Librarians Association HTML
, , Ma?gorzata Ro?niakowska
Contemporary Management Methods and the Structure of Work Organization in Academic Libraries HTML
Transformation of the Library Profession within the Last Decade and its Future HTML
Gra?yna Wojsznis