Vol 3, No 1 (1992)

Special Issue on Latin American Librarianship

Table of Contents

Special Features

Map of Latin America JPG
Steven Szegedi
Map of Brazil JPG
Steven Szegedi
Librarianship in Latin America: An Exhibition HTML
Steven Szegedi
Editorially Speaking HTML
William V. Jackson


The Pioneers: Marietta Daniels Shepard (1913-1984) HTML
Susan Shattuck Benson


National Planning for Library and Information Service: Reality or Utopia? HTML
Carlos Victor Penna
A New Alliance: The Association of Latin American National Libraries (ABINIA) HTML
Virginia Betancourt Valverde
Cooperation for Brazilian Libraries Through a National Program for Bibliographic Information HTML
Maria Alice Barroso
The Issue of Librarianship in Argentina HTML
Josefa Emilia Sabor
The Luis Angel Arango Library in Bogot HTML
Lina Espitaleta de Villegas
Medical Libraries in the Caribbean and Central America HTML
Cheryl R. Dee
An Overview of Scientific and Technological Research in the Dominican Republic HTML
The Closed-Stack Model and the Culture of Librarianship in Nicaraguan Academic Libraries HTML
Frank J. Lepkowski
On the Road for Public Libraries in Honduras HTML
Ken Smith
Library Cooperation In Costa Rica: An Update HTML
Ana Cecilia Torres
The Importance of Sharing Resources: The Experience of the Committee for Cooperation among University Libraries in Guatemala HTML
Raquel Flores
New Waves: USIS and Binational Cultural Center Libraries in Central America HTML
Rachel Barreto Edensword
The Foreign Relations Bureau of the German Library Institute and its Relationship to Latin American Countries HTML
Elisabeth Simon