The Pioneers: Asa Don Dickinson


  • Mumtaz Ali Anwar


Introduction: It was not planned this way, that the first two Pioneers would both be Americans. But as James Thurber wrote once, when he worked for the New Yorker magazine, a journal's breathing is comprised of the inhalation and exhalation of mail. What the post brings gives us our life. The mail brought, in our recent life, a fine study of Asa Dickinson, and no studies at all of other leaders we might have preferred to honor in this second issue. Readers may be assured that we intend to tell the stories of Pioneers in Third World librarianship who were not American, nor even British. Historic library leaders from the developing nations themselves will find their place in this series, as soon as we can inhale them from the post office. Contributions are invited from readers so that the series may breathe easily from now on. — G.A.M.