ODA to the Third World Libraries: The Case of Japan


  • Ikuyo Fukuda Hokkai–Gakuen University


Although Japan has been the biggest donor in terms of development assistance since 1989, library aid projects to the Third World have not been numerous, because of the low priority given to them. However, some ministries and agencies inaugurated aid programs to libraries in need of assistance. This article introduces two grant programs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the overseas volunteer program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency; and the unique program of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, based on the deposit system. It reviews major achievements of those library aid projects to the Third World which were financedwithin the framework of Japan’s ODA policy.

Author Biography

Ikuyo Fukuda, Hokkai–Gakuen University

Ikuyo Fukuda is Assistant Professor, teaching librarians’ courses, Hokkai–Gakuen University, Sapporo, Japan.