Embedded Information Literacy for Engaging Students in Higher Education : An Assessment of Indian Agricultural Universities and Trends


  • Neena Singh G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology India


The Indian Agricultural Universities have been offering information literacy courses as early as 1970. User instruction in agricultural universities were adopted from American Land Grant pattern universities. This study aims to determine what the universities are offering to enhance the students information skills and how these courses were changed to a uniform course content across the country. The finding reveals that out of 34 universities surveyed, significantly high, more than 90.0% offer credit bearing information literacy embedded in  curriculums.  Most of the state universities provide such courses for the graduate students, the  under graduates, are yet to be engaged in information literacy through formal channels. The article also discusses about engaging students with innovative methods of teaching Information Literacy for improved novel experience under hybrid class model or blended learning.


Author Biography

Neena Singh, G B Pant University of Agriculture and Technology India

Incharge University Library


PhD in Library and Information sciences