Library Services in Covid-19 Era: Bridging the Gap and Improving Access to Libraries and Information in Sub- Saharan Africa


  • Jamilu Abdullahi Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University


Globally the issue of public health crisis has become major concern due to emergence of new COVID-19 pandemic. African communities require information and support during difficult times. Libraries have always had the potential to respond to any health challenge that occurred and bedeviled humanity. They play a vital role in a process that provides solutions during critical times. The COVID-19 pandemic outcome has led to changes in library service strategy particularly the social role of libraries in their communities. This paper focuses on new service model for community libraries in sub-Saharan Africa for effective response to global health emergency. It offers innovative library perspectives towards COVID-19 pandemic with special emphasis on service patterns for breaking barriers and improving access to libraries and information. The paper explores provisional closure of libraries, changes in circulation policy and provision of most trusted information. It recommends that African librarians should engage in humanitarian projects through collaborative research and practice that would enhance quality of life in the region during and after COVID-19 crisis.