Vol 2, No 2 (1992)

Table of Contents

Editorially Speaking HTML
Guy A. Marco


The Pioneers: William John Harris (1903-1980) HTML
Maxwell A. Oyinloye


New Standards for Library Education in Nigeria HTML
R. U. Ononogbo, Z. M. Falaiye
The Nigerian Law of Defamation and Its Impact on Libraries HTML
James Abayomi Agaja
Instructional and Research Resources for Library Education in Nigeria: Problems of Availability and Accessibility HTML
Michael G. Ochogwu
Chiles Binational Center Library HTML
Elizabeth N. Steinhagen,
A Basic Package of Information Sources for Dealing With Transnational Corporations HTML
Guy A. Marco
A Book Buyer in Algeria HTML
Abazar Sepehri
The Perception Of Technological Gap and Technological Lag HTML
Michael E. D. Koenig

Conference Reports

Continuing Education, Guam HTML
Chih Wang
Resource Sharing, China HTML
Guy A. Marco

Research Summaries

Appointing University Librarians in Nigeria: A Critique of the Process HTML
Benki S. H. Womboh
The Scientific Literature Service in Tanzania HTML
Kebede Gessesse, S. S. Mbwana
Further Reading HTML

Book Reviews

Information and Information Systems. By Michael Buckland. HTML
MaryFrances Watson
Uganda: An Annotated Bibliography of Source Materials (with Particular Reference to the Period since 1971 and up to 1988). By Cherry Gertzel. HTML
Diana Rosenberg
Publishing and Development in the Third World. Edited by Philip G. Altbach. HTML
Norman Horrocks
World Guide to Special Libraries. 2nd ed. Edited by Bettina Bartz, Ruth Lochar, and Helmut Opitz. HTML
Inez I. Ringland